Reducing the Size of a Workbook

In many cases, you can significantly reduce the size of a workbook — especially a workbook with modules you've heavily edited — because Excel does not do a good job of cleaning up after itself. To clean up the mess Excel leaves behind:

1. Save your workbook.

2. Select a module or a UserForm in the Project Window.

3. Right-click and choose Remove from the shortcut menu.

4. When asked whether you want to export the module, click Yes.

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each module and UserForm, keeping track of the modules and forms that you remove.

6. Choose FileOlmport File to import all the modules and forms you deleted.

7. Save your workbook again.

You usually find that the new workbook is much smaller than it was. Another way to reduce the size of a workbook file is as follows:

1. Activate your workbook.

2. Choose FileOSave As Web Page, and make sure that you use the Entire Workbook option.

3. Close your workbook.

4. Use FileOOpen to open the HTML file that you saved in Step 2.

5. Use FileOSave As, and resave the workbook as a standard XLS file.

In most cases, you'll find that the file is smaller in size.

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