Programming eventhandler procedures

A VBA procedure that executes in response to an event is called an event-handler procedure. These are always Sub procedures (as opposed to Function procedures). Writing these event-handlers is relatively straightforward after you understand how the process works. It all boils down to a few steps, all of which I explain later:

1. Identify the event you want to trigger the procedure.

2. Press Alt+F11 to Activate the Visual Basic Editor.

3. In the VBE Project Window, double-click the appropriate object listed under Microsoft Excel Objects.

For workbook-related events, the object is ThisWorkbook. For a workbook-related event, the object is a Worksheet object (such as Sheet1).

4. In the Code window for the object, write the event-handler procedure that is executed when the event occurs.

This procedure will have a special name that identifies it as an event-handler procedure.

These steps become clearer as you progress through the chapter. Trust me.

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