Is It Live or Is It VBA

Recording a macro is sort of like using a tape recorder. Turn it on, do your thing, and then turn it off. This analogy, however, goes only so far. Table 6-1 compares tape recording with macro recording.

Table 6-1 Tape Recording versus Macro Recording

Tape Recorder

Excel Macro Recorder

What equipment is required?

A tape recorder and a microphone.

A computer and a copy of Excel.

What is recorded?


Actions taken in Excel.

Where is the recording stored?

On magnetic tape.

In a VBA module.

How do you play it back?

Rewind the tape and press Play.

Choose ToolsO MacroOMacros (or other methods).

Can you edit the recording?

Yes, if you have the proper equipment.

Yes, if you know what you're doing.

Can you copy the recording?

Yes, if you have a second tape recorder.

Yes (no additional equipment required).

Is the recording accurate?

Depends on the situation and the equipment quality.

Depends on how you set things up.

What if you make a mistake?

Rerecord the tape (or edit it if possible).

Rerecord the macro (or edit it if possible).

Can you view the recording?

No, it's just a bunch of magnetic impulses.

Yes, by activating a VBA module.

Can you make money with the recording?

Yes, if it's good (editing usually required).

Yes, but you need to do a lot of editing first.

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