Developing the application

You've identified user needs, determined your approach, and decided on the user interface. Now you can get down to the nitty-gritty and start creating the application — the step that comprises most of the time spent on a project.

The approach you take when developing the application depends on your personal style and the nature of the application. Except for simple templatetype applications, your application will probably use VBA macros.

I can't be more specific here, because each application is different. In general, try to keep your VBA procedures short and modular. In a modular application, each procedure performs one task. Limiting your procedures to a single task makes it much easier to make changes later on. For example, if you write a procedure that collects data from the user, formats the data, and creates a text file from that data, you probably should have created four procedures (three procedures to perform the tasks, and another procedure to call the other procedures).

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