Developing Applications Step by Step

No simple recipe exists for developing a spreadsheet application. Besides, this isn't a cookbook. Fact is, everyone develops his or her own style for creating spreadsheet applications. In this section I provide you with some general guidelines that I find useful. At the very least, this information can help you improve your own development style.

Spreadsheet developers typically perform some of the following activities. You won't necessarily perform all these steps for every application, and the order in which you perform them may vary from project to project.

I Determine the user's needs. I Plan an application that meets those needs. I Determine the most appropriate user interface. I Create the spreadsheet, formulas, macros, and user interface. I Test and debug the application.

I Make the application bulletproof (prevent your app from being mangled). I Make the application aesthetically appealing and intuitive. I Document the development effort. I Develop user documentation and online Help. I Distribute the application to the user. I Update the application when necessary.

I describe these activities in the following sections.

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