XML Tags Are Case Sensitive

In HTML, you are allowed to mix uppercase or lowercase characters. For example, HTML doesn't care if you open the body of a document with <BODY> and close it with </body>.

In XML, opening and closing tags must be written in the same case. The tag pair <TEST> </test> is illegal in XML and must be written as <test> </test> or <TEST> </TEST> or some other combination where the case of each letter in the opening and closing tags match exactly.

Although not required by XML, it is a convention to use all lowercase characters in your XML tags. To distinguish separate words in a single tag, you may use mixed case or an underscore, such as <firstName> or <first_name>. At the very least, you should use descriptive names for your tags as it helps self-document your XML code.

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    Is excel macros case sensitive html tags?
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