VBA and Obj EctOriENtED Pro GramminG

If VBA is your first programming language, then chances are you have not heard of object-oriented programming. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it; VBA does not qualify as an object-oriented language. There are some technicalities that disqualify VBA from calling itself "object-oriented," but VBA still shares many of the same concepts as genuine object-oriented languages. Mainly, object-oriented languages and VBA commonly share the existence of objects and some of the tools used to manipulate these objects. These tools include properties, events, and methods. (Other languages may call these tools something different, but they are really the same thing.) You have already seen several VBA objects in action. For example, in Chapter 1, the project code contained many references to Excel objects and some of their properties. Objects must be discussed in VBA at a relatively early stage. Objects show up early, often, and everywhere in your VBA code. This is a good thing, because your programs can't really do much without them.

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