The Check Box Control

The Check Box control is a familiar and relatively easy control to use. Figure 3.10 shows the icon for the Check Box control. Check Box controls are designed to give the user multiple selections from a group.

Use the Option Button control if you wish to Limit the user to only one choice.

Table 3.7 lists the most important properties of the Check Box control.

Table 3.7 Selected Properties of the Check Box Control

Property Function

Name Used for referencing the control in your program

Caption Displays text that describes a choice for the user.

Value Boolean property. True if checked.

Most Check Box control properties relate to its appearance; you will have to use more than what is listed in Table 3.7; however, these are the properties most commonly manipulated at Design Time. The Name property is used to reference the Check Box control and the Value property tests whether or not the user has it selected. Table 3.8 lists the properties of the Check Box controls I changed at Design Time for the Poker Dice program.

The Check Box control has several event procedures associated with it, but you will seldom use anything other than its Click() event procedure.

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