Requirements for the Math Game Program

The original interface to the Math Game program required a single worksheet that presented randomly generated math problems, timed the game, and scored the results when the time allotted reached zero. The student taking the test was allowed to choose the mathematical operation. I've kept that interface pretty much intact; removing the Option Button controls that allowed the student to choose the mathematical operator for the problems, and adding one Combo Box control that displays the list of students stored in an XML file. The only other requirements for the Math Game worksheet interface are that the student must sign in via a Combo Box control before starting a test, and the student may print the results of his or her test by clicking on a Command Button control placed on the worksheet. The remaining requirements for the Math Game worksheet interface are listed in Chapter 4 so I will not repeat them here.

The new features to the Math Game program require two additional worksheets; one for writing exams, and the other for maintaining the list of students and viewing test results. The following lists the requirements of the part of the program interface involving these two worksheets.

1. The user shall be allowed to write a new test by entering the problems in a worksheet and then save the test to an XML file.

2. The difficulty level and length of time allowed to complete a test (test properties) shall also be stored in an XML file.

3. The user shall be allowed to edit existing tests from the same worksheet interface. This means that the program must be able to import data from an XML file representing a test.

4. The worksheet interface used to create or edit tests shall be previously formatted with two XML maps and Excel lists that map the problems and properties of a test to the appropriate XML files.

5. Test files shall be named by concatenating a filename and difficulty level input by the user.

6. When a student signs in to take a test, the XML test file of the appropriate level shall be loaded into the test worksheet.

7. While taking a test, problems shall be read from the test worksheet and displayed on the Math Game worksheet.

8. When a student finishes a test, the test is scored and the result recorded. When a student fails to finish a test within the allotted time, unanswered problems shall be included in the result as incorrect answers.

9. Students and their current testing level shall be entered in an Excel list whose ranges are mapped to an XML file.

10. Updates to the list of students shall be allowed; that is, the program must be able to export the data mapped to the student's XML file.

11. The list of students shall provide the data source for the Combo Box control on the Math Game worksheet.

12. The user shall be allowed to view the test results for all students.

13. The results worksheet shall be formatted with an XML map and Excel list to link the data in the worksheet to the file containing the results.

14. The results worksheet and the XML file containing the results shall be updated at the completion of each test.

15. The user shall be able to clear the worksheet and XML file of all test results.

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