Requirements for the Alienated Game

From the user's point of view, the Alienated Game is quite simple because all they have to do is select data markers on a chart. From your point of view, I'm betting the game is more of a challenge; especially if you're not that comfortable with charts. If your comfort level is low, that provides all the more reason to spend ample time planning the program.

The following list contains my requirements for the Alienated Game.

1. The game interface shall consist of a bubble chart created on a chart sheet.

2. The chart's data point markers shall display 100 images in a 10 by 10 grid.

3. Each image displayed in a data marker shall be randomly chosen from one of seven images.

4. The program shall be initiated from a form button placed on the chart.

5. The program shall track the user's score and display it via a chart title.

6. The program shall display help messages to the user via a chart title.

7. When a new game begins, all data markers in the chart shall be updated with new images.

8. Any time new images are added to the chart, the program shall scan the chart for a score sequence.

9. When a score sequence is found, the program shall record the score (10 pts per image), remove the images, move images above the score sequence down to fill the vacancies, and add new images to the top of the chart.

10. When the user selects two images for swapping, the program shall validate the selection before swapping the images. Selections are valid if they are adjacent and non-diagonal and they must generate at least one score sequence. Valid selections are swapped and the chart is scanned in order to process the score sequence.

11. The source data for the chart shall be added programmatically when a new game begins and the chart is initialized. The source data shall remain static.

12. The images displayed in the chart's data markers shall be mapped to the values in a range of 100 cells in a hidden worksheet. Changes made to the chart during the course of a game shall be a result of changes made to these mapped values.

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