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I want to create a program that simulates five card draw using dice instead of cards. The spreadsheet is preformatted in the Excel application for color, font, and borders. The requirements of the program are as follows:

1. The user interface shall consist of a single spreadsheet formatted to simulate a game board with five Image controls, five Check Box controls, two Command Button controls, and a merged area of cells for outputting messages to the user.

2. A new game shall be initiated by clicking a button and clearing the game board (spreadsheet) of images, check marks, and text.

3. The button that clears the game board shall be disabled after each use and another button that is used to roll the dice enabled.

4. Clicking the roll dice button (enabled in requirement three) shall simulate the roll of five dice.

5. When simulating a roll of the dice, the program shall display five dice images. Each image shall be randomly selected from one of six images.

6. After the initial roll of the dice, the program shall report the result of the hand as text in a spreadsheet cell.

7. The user shall have one chance to discard dice and roll again.

8. The Image and Check Box controls shall be disabled for the first roll of the dice and enabled for the second roll.

9. The user shall select dice to save by clicking on a check box or a dice's image.

10. After the second roll, the program shall display the new images of the dice and display the new result.

11. After the second roll, the button used to roll the dice shall be disabled and the button used to clear the game board enabled.

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