Project Revisiting the Math Game

In Chapter 4 I introduced you to the Math Game program which used a worksheet interface to quiz a student's elementary math skills. In this chapter, I will discuss enhancements to the Math Game program that rely on data from XML files. Enhancements to the Math Game program include the following:

• The ability to use prewritten tests read from an XML file instead of generating problems for a test randomly.

• The ability to track students' test scores and automatically increase the difficulty level of their next test based on the results of their last test.

• The ability to save students' scores to an XML file.

The Math Game program relies on XML files serving as a database that store the tests, student information, and test scores. The main interface for the program is similar to the one from Chapter 4 and is shown in its revised form in Figure 8.1. Worksheets have been added to the program interface to allow a user (i.e., teacher) to quickly write and save exams, update student lists, and view test results.

The Math Game.

The Math Game.

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