Program Outline

When playing a game, the Alienated Game should proceed as outlined in the following:

1. The user initiates a new game with a click of the form button drawn on the chart sheet interface.

2. The chart sheet and ImageMap worksheet containing the image map are initialized for a new game.

3. The data is added to the chart as ten distinct series.

4. Data markers are filled with images using the image map contained in the ImageMap worksheet.

5. The image map is scanned for score sequences. If score sequences are found, the score is updated and their corresponding values and images are deleted from the image map and chart, respectively.

6. Vacancies in the image map are filled by moving values down columns and randomly adding new values to the vacated cells at the top of the columns.

7. The images displayed in the data markers in the chart are updated by reading the image map.

Steps 5-7 are repeated until there are no more score sequences found.

8. The user begins play by selecting two images in the chart for swapping.

9. The user's selection is validated to ensure the swap produces a score sequence. In addition, the swap must involve adjacent data markers (same row or column, no diagonals).

10. If the player's selection is invalid, a message is output to the chart sheet explaining the problem.

Steps 5-7 are repeated until there are no more score sequences found.

11. The game continues until there are no more possible swaps that can create a score sequence or the user decides to start a new game. Creating a sub procedure that scans the chart for potential moves is left as an exercise for the reader.

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