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Many applications save data to a type of random access file that is more commonly referred to as a database. Database files such as those created by MS Access (.mdb extension) offer a lot more power to the programmer relative to the random access file created by VBA's Open statement. A single database file normally contains multiple tables of data that are linked together through related fields (columns). Furthermore, it is usually possible to use a database's programming engine to link your VBA program to a database file such that you can quickly retrieve and update very specific data.

With Excel, it is possible to link your VBA program to an Access database (and many others) even if the Access GUI has not been installed on your computer. Unfortunately, it would take at least an entire book to properly discuss database normalization, the Structured Query Language (SQL), and ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)—the topics required to understand and use database files in your VBA program.

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Biorhythm Awareness

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