Chapter Project The Auenated Game

The Alienated Game uses a chart sheet for the user interface (see Figure 9.12) and illustrates the use of several VBA objects subordinate to the Chart object. The program uses the less common bubble chart type because the data markers (represented by Point objects in VBA) in a regular scatter chart cannot hold images. A total of ten data series with ten values each are charted and their markers are randomly filled with one of seven images. The object of the game is to swap two images such that it will create a sequence of three or more identical images in a column or row (hereafter referred to as a score sequence). When a score sequence is created, their images are removed from the chart and the images above the score sequence are moved down. Finally, the empty markers at the top of the chart are randomly filled with new images. The player scores ten points for each image removed and the game ends when all possible moves are exhausted.

The Alienated Game.

S Microsoft Excel - Alienated.xis

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