1. With Excel's macro recorder turned on, create a column chart (chart sheet or embedded) in Excel and format the chart to a desired appearance. Stop the macro recorder and examine the recorded code. Remove any unnecessary code in the macro and change the structure of the procedure to make it more readable. Now run the code from the Excel application.

2. Add an embedded chart to a worksheet along with a Scroll Bar control. Attach code to the Change() event procedure of the Scroll Bar control that changes the maximum value y-axis scale.

3. Add a scatter chart to a worksheet from x- and y-data points entered in two columns of the worksheet. Create a VBA procedure that animates one of the charted points by changing its x- and y-values in a looping structure. Include a delay in the loop as discussed in previous chapters.

4. Write a VBA procedure that adds a chart to a worksheet and formats it to a desired appearance. The chart should be added after the user selects the data and clicks on a Command Button control.

5. Create a chart sheet with a scatter chart. Using the Select() event procedure of the scatter chart, create a procedure that outputs the values of the ElementID, Argl, and Arg2 parameters to the worksheet as the user clicks on various elements of the chart.

6. Spice up the Alienated Game by adding different levels of difficulty. For example, after the player reaches a certain score, start adding new images to the chart with new identification numbers. This reduces the number of potential moves the player can make.

7. Add sound to the Alienated Game, such as a small ding or knock that plays once for each image that is scored.

8. Add a procedure to the Alienated Game that scans the image map and notifies the player if there are no more possible moves.


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