1. Create a program in VBA that adds several lines, rectangles, ovals, and triangles to a worksheet. Use a looping code structure.

2. Create a VBA program that creates a ShapeRange collection object from just the ovals in the drawing layer of a worksheet. Then alter the appearance of the ovals by adding a fill color.

3. Using a For/Each loop in a VBA procedure, select just the rectangles created in the first challenge and align them to column C in the worksheet. Use the Left property of the Range and Shape objects.

4. Add several Shape objects to the drawing layer of an Excel worksheet, then use the Group() method of the ShapeRange collection object to group the range of shapes into a single shape. Rotate the grouped Shape object using its Rotation property.

5. Edit the Excetris program to include sound. Find sound files that play when an active shape moves down the game board, when the tab key is pressed in order to drop a shape, and when a filled row is removed and scored.

6. Edit the Excetris program to include an additional shape type, bringing the total number of shape types to six. Build the new shape type out of four rectangular shapes as was done with the other five shape types. Edit all procedures necessary for adding, setting, moving, and keeping track of the location of the new shape type.

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