Set Properties For A Project

You can set the properties, such as the project name and the lock status of a project, for each project that you view in the Visual Basic Editor. When you lock a project, the project is password protected so that only people who know the password can view and modify the contents of the project. You set both the project name and password information in the Project Properties dialog box.

Excel considers each open workbook a project when you access the Visual Basic Editor. By default, the Visual Basic Editor gives each project the name of VBA Project (WorkbookName), but you can customize the name of the project, if desired, within the Visual Basic Editor. Doing this can help distinguish between different projects, especially if you have several different workbooks open simultaneously. For example, you can change the project name to match the name of the corresponding workbook.

If you plan to distribute your workbook to other users, you may want to consider password protecting your projects. If a project is password protected, the user must specify the password in order to view or modify any portion of the project. This step can help protect macro code that you do not want others to view or modify. Password protecting the project does not affect the way the corresponding workbook behaves within Excel, but it effectively keeps others from viewing your macro source.


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. Module 1

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VBAProject Properties. . .

¡corded 5/19/2001 by Jinjei I Shortcut: Ct-rl+d


'-D Click Tools O VBAProject Properties.

Q File Edit View Insert Format lools Data


I Type a question For help



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■ The Project Properties dialog box displays.

-0 Click the General tab.

~~0 Type the desired name for the project.

■ The project name changes within the Project Explorer window.

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