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Chances are you do not want to keep the default smiley face button image that Excel inserts on the toolbar. You can change the image by using one of two different options on the menu that appears when you right-click the mouse over the toolbar button when you have the Customize dialog box open. If you want to select an image from a list of existing images, you can click the Change Button Image option. If you do not like the images on the Change Button Image menu, you can also create your own button image on the Button Editor dialog box. To change the button image, click the Edit Button Image option on the menu.

Changing the button image is similar to a paint-by-number exercise you did as a kid. You have 16 different colors that you can use to create the new image. Click the desired color and then click the pixel of the image that you want to modify. You can also move the image within the window by clicking and dragging it. The maximum size of the button image is 16x16 pixels or the contents of the window. When you close the dialog box the button image updates.

Q Release the mouse button.

Q Release the mouse button.

■ The button appears on the toolbar.

—H Right-click the toolbar button to display a menu of options.

Note: You must have the Customize dialog box open to customize the button on the toolbar.

—O Click Assign Macro.

■ The Assign Macro dialog box displays a list of currently available macros.

—0 Click the name of the macro you want to assign to the new button.

■ The macro runs each time you select the button.

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