Excel Macros

Although Microsoft did not originate the concept of macros and spreadsheets, they have definitely built upon it. The combination of the Macro Recorder and VBA makes macro creation a powerful feature of Excel.


Macro Recorder

The Macro Recorder provides a great method for creating a macro without writing VBA code directly. The Macro Recorder holds true to its name. Just like a tape recorder, when you turn it on, it records all the events that occur within Excel. Excel takes the recorded events and creates the VBA code necessary to recreate the events. You can modify all macros you create with the Macro Recorder in the Visual Basic Editor. The Macro Recorder works well for creating simple macros, such as a macro that adds a column of numbers, or changes the layout of the page. But due to the fact that the Macro Recorder creates a macro by recording your actions, it cannot create a complex macro such as one

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