Customizing Dialog Boxes Menus And Toolbars


The Visual Basic Editor Toolbox only displays when you The Toolbox contains several different standard select a UserForm in the Visual Basic Editor. The controls that you can add to a userform. You can also toolbox contains all of the controls that you can add to create custom controls and add them to the Toolbox. your custom UserForm. See the section "Create a See the section "Create Custom Controls" for more Custom Dialog Box" for more information about information on adding custom controls. adding Toolbox controls.


For adding text to a UserForm. Not designed to interact with the UserForm, you add labels for informational purposes only.


The user clicks this to perform a specific option. When you create a CommandButton control, you specify the text that displays on the button as part of the control properties.


Enables the user to type text.


To create tabbed dialog boxes, which enable the user to switch between pages of options on the dialog box.

By default, when you add the MultiPage control to your UserForm it only creates two pages. You can add additional pages by right-clicking one of the Page tabs and selecting the New Page option.


Enables a user to either click an item from the list or type the appropriate value.


For presenting a list of items from which a user can select a desired item.


Enables the user to scroll through information not on the screen, or to indicate a position on a scale, such as for providing a rating level.


Enables the user to select or unselect options. Typically a CheckBox control returns a value of True if it is selected and False if it is not selected.


Enables a user to specify a value by clicking one of the arrow buttons to increment or decrement the value. Use with either a TextBox control or a Label control that displays the current value of the SpinButton control.


Enables the user to select from a list of items. You have two controls in a group so that when you select one control, the other controls are unselected.


Enables you to create a button that looks either pressed or unpressed, with the pressed state returning a value of True, and the unpressed state returning a False value.


Use the Image control to add a graphic to the UserForm. Excel stores the graphic within the worksheet, so if you distribute the worksheet, Excel includes the graphic. You can assign the graphic any of the following file formats: .bmp, .cur, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .wmf.


For display purposes. Acts as a container for grouping controls.


Consisting of a text field and a button, this enables the user to select a range of cells from a worksheet. When the user clicks a button, the corresponding dialog box minimizes so the user can drag the cursor across the worksheet to select the desired range of cells.


Enables you to create a multipage area for a section of your UserForm.

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