The Tick Labels object

The TickLabels object represents the set of tick-mark labels for an axis. Note that this is not a collection object; that is, there is no TickLabel object. Thus, the properties of the TickLabels object affect all of the labels for an axis simultaneously.

The TickLabels object has several properties, the most prominent of which are the following:


Returns a Font object that can be used to set the font characteristics of the labels.


Scales the label text font size automatically when the chart size changes when this property is True. The default value is True.


Sets the number-format code for the labels. This property returns Null if all labels do not have the same number format. Note that since the format codes are the same as those used by Excel to format worksheet cells, we can use the macro recorder to get appropriate format codes.


Returns or sets the orientation for the labels and can be any one of the following constants:

Enum XlTickLabelOrientation xlTickLabelOrientationUpward = -4171

xlTickLabelOrientationDownward = -4170 xlTickLabelOrientationVertical = -4166 xlTickLabelOrientationHorizontal = -4128 xlTickLabelOrientationAutomatic = -4105 End Enum

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