The Plot Area Object

The plot area of a chart (see Figure 21-1) is the area where the chart data is plotted. For a 2-D chart, it consists of the data markers, gridlines, data labels, trend lines, and optional chart items, but not the axes. For a 3-D chart, it also includes the walls, floor, axes, axis titles, and tick-mark labels in the chart. The plot area is surrounded by the chart area (which does contain the axes on a 2-D chart).

The PlotArea object has Border, ChartFillFormat, and Interior children used for the formatting of these items. The PlotArea object also has Top, Left, Height, and Width properties that can be used to set the size and position of the plot area within the chart area. Note that there are some restrictions on how these values can be set. For instance, it appears that Excel will not let us set the Top property in such a way that the bottom of the plot area would fall below the bottom of the chart area (which makes sense).

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