The Input Box Function

The InputBox function is designed to get input from the user. The most commonly used (but not the complete) syntax is:

where prompt is the message in the input box, title is the title for the input box, and default is the default value that is displayed in the text box. For instance, the code:

sName = InputBox("Enter your name.", "Name", "Albert") produces the dialog box in Figure 7-2.

Figure 7-2. An InputBox dialog box

Figure 7-2. An InputBox dialog box

The InputBox function returns the string that the user enters into the text box. Thus, in our example, the string variable sName will contain this string.

Note that if we want a number from the user, we can still use the InputBox function and simply convert the returned string (such as "12.55") to a number (12.55) using the Val function, discussed later in the chapter.

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