Server Based Property

This read-write Boolean property applies to page fields only and is used with (generally very large) external data sources. It is True when the PivotTable's data source is external and only the items matching the page-field selection are retrieved.

By setting this property to True, the pivot cache (discussed later in the chapter) needs to accommodate only the data for a single page field. This may be important, or even necessary, when the external data source is large. The trade-off is that each time the page field is changed, there may be a delay while Excel requeries the original source data to retrieve data on the new page field.

Note that there are some circumstances under which this property cannot be set to True:

• The data source is not external.

• The cache is used by more than one PivotTable.

• The field has a data type that cannot be server-based (such as a memo field or an OLE object).

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