Procedure and Full Module Views

Generally, a code module (standard, class, or UserForm) contains more than one procedure. The IDE offers the choice between viewing one procedure at a time (called procedure view) or all procedures at one time (called full-module view), with a horizontal line separating the procedures. Each view has its advantages and disadvantages, and you will probably want to use both views at different times. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not supplied a menu choice for selecting the view. To change views, we need to click on the small buttons in the lower-left corner of the Code window. (The default view can be set using the Editor tab of the Options dialog box.)

Incidentally, the default font for the module window is Courier, which has a rather thin looking appearance and may be somewhat difficult to read. You may want to change the font to FixedSys (on the Editor Format tab of the Options dialog, under the Tools menu), which is very readable.

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