Popup controls

A command-bar control of type msoControlPopup is a control whose sole purpose is to pop up a menu (when the control is on a menu bar) or a submenu (when the control is on a menu). These controls are naturally referred to as popup controls (see Figure 12-2). Popup controls that are located on a menu bar take on the appearance of a recessed button when the mouse pointer is over the control. Popup controls on a menu or submenu have a small arrow on the far right to identify them.

Thus, the term popup is used in two different ways. A popup control is a command-bar control of type msoControlPopup and is used to pop up a menu or submenu. A popup command bar is a command bar of type msoBarTypePopup and is either a menu, submenu, or shortcut menu. Note that to display a popup command bar, the user needs to activate a popup control.

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