Parse Method

This method parses the data in a column (or portion thereof) and distributes the contents of the range to fill adjacent columns. The syntax is:

RangeObject.Parse(ParseLine, Destination) where RangeObject can be no more than one column wide.

The ParseLine parameter is a string containing left and right brackets to indicate where the data in the cells in the column should be split. For example, the string:

causes the Parse method to insert the first three characters from each cell into the first column of the destination range, skip the fourth character, and then insert the next three characters into the second column. Any additional characters (beyond the first six) are not included in the destination. This makes the Parse method most useful for parsing fixed-length data (each cell has data of the same length).

The Destination parameter is a Range object that represents the upper-left corner of the destination range for the parsed data. If this argument is omitted, Excel will parse the data in place; that is, it will use the source column as the first destination column.

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