Members that Affect the Display

There are several members that affect the display of certain items: DisplayAlerts property (R/WBoolean)

When True, Excel displays various warning messages (such as a confirmation message that precedes the deletion of a worksheet) while a macro is running. If you do not want a macro to be disturbed, then set this to False:

Application.DisplayAlerts = False

The default value of this property is True.

DisplayCommentIndicator property (R/WLong)

This property affects the way that Excel indicates the presence of a comment in an unselected cell. It can be any one of the constants in the following enum:

Enum XlCommentDisplayMode xlCommentIndicatorOnly = -1 ' Display indicator only xlNoIndicator = 0 ' Display xlCommentAndIndicator = 1 ' Display indicator and comment

' itself

End Enum

Setting DisplayCommentIndicator to either xlCommentIndicatorOnly or xlCommentAndIndicator sets the value of the DisplayNoteIndicator property (described later in this section) to True, while setting DisplayCommentIndicator to xlNoIndicator changes DisplayNoteIndicator to False.

DisplayFormulaBar property (R/W Boolean)

This property determines whether the formula bar is displayed. Its default value is True.

DisplayFullScreen property (R/W Boolean)

This property determines whether Excel is in full-screen mode. (Note that displaying Excel in full-screen mode is not the same as maximizing Excel's application window.)

DisplayNoteIndicator property (R/W Boolean)

If this property is True (its default value) then cells containing notes display cell tips and contain note indicators (which are small dots in the upper-right corner of a cell). Setting DisplayNoteIndicator to False also sets DisplayCommentIndicator to xlNoIndicator, while setting DisplayNoteIndicator to True sets DisplayCommentIndicator to xlCommentIndicatorOnly.

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