Marker Size and Marker Style

The MarkerSize property returns or sets the size of a data point in points (as a Long). The property also applies to the Series object, in which case it sets all markers in the series at once.

The MarkerStyle property determines the style of the data point and can be one of the following values:

Enum XlMarkerStyle xlMarkerStyleX = -4168 xlMarkerStylePicture = -4147 xlMarkerStyleNone = -4142 xlMarkerStyleDot = -4118 xlMarkerStyleDash = -4115 xlMarkerStyleAutomatic = -4105 xlMarkerStyleSquare = 1 xlMarkerStyleDiamond = 2 xlMarkerStyleTriangle = 3 xlMarkerStyleStar = 5 xlMarkerStyleCircle = 8 xlMarkerStylePlus = 9 End Enum

To illustrate, the following code produces the rather odd-looking chart in Figure 21-29.

With ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1) .MarkerSize = 10

.MarkerStyle = xlMarkerStyleDiamond With .Points(2)

.MarkerSize = 20

.MarkerStyle = xlMarkerStyleCircle End With End With

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Figure 21-29. Illustrating MarkerSize and MarkerStyle

Figure 21-29. Illustrating MarkerSize and MarkerStyle

Marker Size Excel

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