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If you are like me, you will probably make extensive use of Microsoft's Excel VBA help files while programming. The simplest way to get help on an item is to place the cursor on that item and hit the F1 key. This works not only for VBA language keywords but also for portions of the VBA IDE.

Note that Microsoft provides multiple help files for Excel, the VBA language, and the Excel object model. While this is quite reasonable, occasionally the help system gets a bit confused and refuses to display the correct help file when we strike the F1 key. (I have not found a simple resolution to this problem, other than shutting down Excel and the Visual Basic Editor along with it.)

Note also that a standard installation of Microsoft Office does not install the VBA help files for the various applications. Thus, you may need to run the Office setup program and install Excel VBA help by selecting that option in the appropriate setup dialog box. (Do not confuse Excel help with Excel VBA help.)

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