Final Steps

Finally, you should follow these steps:

1. Compile the project. Use the Debug menu to compile the SRXUtils.xls project.

2. Set the properties. Set the workbook and project properties as shown in Figure 10-6 and Figure 10-8, making any necessary changes based on the name you have chosen for your add-in.

3. Protect the add-in. Under the Protection tab of the project's Properties dialog, check the "Lock project for viewing" checkbox and enter a password.

4. Save the add-in. Save the project as an add-in named SRXUtils.xla in a directory of your choice.

Now we are ready to try the add-in. Close the SRXUtils.xls workbook and open a new workbook. Select the Add-Ins menu item under the Tools menu and hit the Browse button on the Add-Ins dialog. Locate your SRXUtils.xla file. Then check the entry in the Add-Ins dialog. You should see the new Custom menu in the worksheet menu bar. Select the ActivateSheet item. You should get the expected message box. Finis.

As mentioned earlier, as we progress through the book, we will make this example add-in much more meaningful.

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