Figure The Select Special utility

Select. Special

Match Cell Zjpe rjurrtbef



All cells (as text)


Search Range: A1 :G8

Mfltnh Q- ierL?

Bgualto ^oigqua'iia ^r&atef than Greater than or equ;l to

L56S frlS';

Le-s3 thar". or ecfja i to Between Ho' Between Wfildc-snd pattern iratch [Kdrffenent

[f same

Search Range: A1 :G8

Revert To Oriqirial




Cnirplete R. ws

CnrrplelE Callim-s

In this book, we will develop a simpler version of this utility, whose dialog is shown in Figure 1-3. This book will also supply you with the necessary knowledge to enhance this utility to something similar to the utility shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-3. Select Special dialog

Figure 1-3. Select Special dialog

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