Figure The Options dialog box

W Auto Syntax Cl"edJ I? Auto Indent

Require variable Declaration ij-

[i Autn LiTt Me 11 ibets I? 4uto Quid* Jnfo 17 Auto Data ips

Wirdow Settings F? Qrag-and-Drop TentEditru P Default to Full r-.'odule view P PfKKlLfe Separator




Notice also that there are other settings related to the design-time environment, such has how far to indent code in response to the Tab key. We will discuss some of these other settings a bit later.

To illustrate automatic syntax checking, Figure 4-4 shows what happens when we deliberately enter the syntactically incorrect statement x == 5 and then attempt to move to another line. Note

Editor | ! 'nh-.r Formal | General' Docking ] Code Eettn:s

Tea 27Fly®

that Microsoft refers to this type of error as a compile error in the dialog box and perhaps we should as well. However, it seems more descriptive to call it a design-time error or just a syntax error.

0 -1

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