Creating a Procedure

There are two ways to create a new procedure (that is, a subroutine or a function) within a code module. First, after selecting the correct project in the Project Explorer, we can select the Procedure option from the Insert menu. This will produce the dialog box shown in Figure 4-1. Just type in the name of the procedure and select Sub or Function (the Property choice is used with custom objects in a class module). We will discuss the issue of public versus private procedures and static variables later in this chapter.

Figure 4-1. The Add Procedure dialog box

Figure 4-1. The Add Procedure dialog box

Create Sop Using Excel

A simpler alternative is to simply begin typing:

Sub SubName or:

Function FunctionName in any code window (following the current End Sub or End Function statement, or in the general declarations section). As soon as the Enter key is struck, Excel will move the line of code to a new location and thereby create a new subroutine. (It will even add the appropriate ending—

End Sub or End Function.)

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