Chart Types

Each Excel chart has either a standard chart type or a custom chart type. In addition, there are two types of custom chart types: built-in and user-defined. All chart types are accessible by the user through the Chart Type dialog box shown in Figure 21-7 (right-click a chart and choose Chart Type).

Figure 21-7. The Chart Type dialog

Chart Type

S'sndef : /pes | custom Types çhirttype: Ctwtsito-type:

m Lobmn

E Bar


[X Line

ÖPia i

L_ XV (Scatter)

ÉÉ Area

S I"' ugfMiLil

& Radar

# Surface

Î! p. iblg

W stock

0 Cylnder


A Gone

r Q^fsult formatting




r Q^fsult formatting

Pie. Display? the conlr ibuttn of each ïil-je to a total.

Press sid hoö Uoifjew sample

Set as dEfault chart

0 0

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