Calculation property RW Long

This property sets Excel's calculation mode and can be set to any of the following constants:

Enum XlCalculation xlCalculationManual = -4135 xlCalculationAutomatic = -4105 xlCalculationSemiautomatic = 2 End Enum

The default value is xlCalculationAutomatic. As is typical, the documentation does not explain the term semiautomatic (at least I could not find an explanation). However, there is an option in Excel's Calculation tab under the Options dialog that allows us to specify automatic calculation except for data tables; this is what is meant by semiautomatic. CalculateBeforeSave property (R/W Boolean)

This property is True if workbooks are calculated before they are saved to disk. This is relevant only when the Calculation property is set to xlManual. CheckAbort method

This method stops recalculation in Excel. Its syntax is:


where keepabortrange is a range that is exempt from the method; that is, recalcualtion still takes place in this range.

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