What you know

Often, the most difficult part of a project is figuring out where to start. In this case, I started by listing things that I know about Excel that may be relevant to the project requirements:

Excel doesn't have a command that sorts sheets. Therefore, recording a macro to alphabetize the sheets is not an option.

■ I can move a sheet easily by dragging its sheet tab.

Mental note: Turn on the macro recorder and drag a sheet to a new location to find out what kind of code this action generates.

Excel also has a Move or Copy dialog box, which is displayed when I right-click a sheet tab and choose Move or Copy. Would recording a macro of this command generate different code than moving a sheet manually?

■ I'll need to know how many sheets are in the active workbook. I can get this information with VBA.

■ I'll need to know the names of all the sheets. Again, I can get this information with VBA.

Excel has a command that sorts data in worksheet cells.

Mental note: Maybe I can transfer the sheet names to a range and use this feature. Or, maybe VBA has a sorting method that I can take advantage of.

■ Thanks to the Macro Options dialog box, it's easy to assign a shortcut key to a macro.

■ If a macro is stored in the Personal Macro Workbook, it will always be available.

■ I need a way to test the application while I develop it. For certain, I don't want to be testing it using the same workbook in which I'm developing the code.

Mental note: Create a dummy workbook for testing purposes.

■ If I develop the code properly, VBA won't display any errors. Mental note: Wishful thinking ...

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