What the Icons Mean

Throughout the book, I use icons to call your attention to points that are particularly important:

NEW I use this icon to indicate that the material discussed is new to Excel 2007.

Note I use Note icons to tell you that something is important - perhaps a concept that could help you master the task at hand or something fundamental for understanding subsequent material.

Tip Tip icons indicate a more efficient way of doing something or a technique that might not be obvious.

CD- These icons indicate that an example file is on the companion CD-ROM. (See "About the ROM Companion CD-ROM," later in this Preface.) This CD holds many of the examples that I show in the book.

Caution I use Caution icons when the operation that I'm describing can cause problems if you're not careful.

CROSS- I use the Cross Reference icon to refer you to other chapters that have more to

REFERENCE say on a subject.



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