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Excel 2007 gives you access to many templates. To explore the Excel templates, choose Office New to display the New Workbook dialog box. The template categories appear as tabs in the New Workbook dialog box. In addition, the right side of the dialog box displays a list of templates that you've used recently.

The Microsoft Office Online section contains a number of categories. Click a category, and you'll see the available templates. To use a template, select it and click Download. Figure 4-3 shows some of templates available in the Invoices category.


Figure 4-3: Templates that you can use for invoices.

Microsoft Office Online has a wide variety of templates, and some are better than others. If you download a few duds, don't give up. Even though a template may not be perfect, you can often modify a template to meet your needs. Modifying an existing template is often easier than creating a workbook from scratch.

Note The location of the Templates folder varies, depending on the version of Excel. To find the location of your Templates folder, execute the following VBA statement:

MsgBox Application.TemplatesPath

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