The publisher and I want your feedback. After you've had a chance to use this book, please take a moment to visit the Wiley Publishing Web site to give us your comments. (Go to and then click the Contact Us link.) Please be honest in your evaluation. If you thought a particular chapter didn't tell you enough, let us know. Of course, I would prefer to receive comments like, "This is the best book I've ever read," or "Thanks to this book, I was promoted and now make $112,000 a year."

I get at least a half dozen questions every day, via e-mail, from people who have read my books. I appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time to reply to questions. Appendix A provides a good list of sources that can answer your questions.

I also invite you to visit my Web site, which contains lots of Excel-related material. Despite the massive attempts to make this book completely accurate, a few errors have probably crept into its pages. My Web site includes a list of any such errors. The URL is

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