In This Chapter

This chapter picks up where Chapter 14 left off. Here, you'll find additional examples of UserForms.

■ Using modeless UserForms

■ Displaying a progress indicator

■ Creating a wizard - an interactive series of dialog boxes

■ Creating a function that emulates VBA's MsgBox function

■ Allowing users to move UserForm controls

■ Displaying a UserForm with no title bar

■ Simulating a toolbar with a Userform

■ Allowing users to resize a UserForm

■ Handling multiple controls with a single event handler

■ Using a dialog box to select a color

■ Displaying a chart in a UserForm

■ Using an enhanced data form

■ Creating a moving tile puzzle

Most of these examples are advanced, and the majority focus on practical applications. But even the less-than-practical examples demonstrate some useful techniques.

CROSS- Chapter 28 contains still more UserForm examples. Specifically, you'll find

REFERENCE information on how to create a UserForm on the fly.



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