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Online Data Entry Jobs

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To try out the Enhanced Data Form, install the add-in:

1. Copy the % dataform2.xla file from the CD-ROM to a directory on your hard drive.

2. In Excel, choose Office Excel Options.

3. In the Excel Options dialog box, click the Add-Ins tab.

4. Select Excel Add-Ins from the Manage drop-down list and click Go to display the Add-Ins dialog box.

5. In the Add-Ins dialog box, click Browse and locate the dataform2 . xla in the directory from Step 1.

After performing these steps, you can access the Enhanced Data Form by using the Add-Ins


Commands JWalk Enhanced Data Form command. You can use the Enhanced Data Form to work with any worksheet list or table.

Note Version 3 of this product will be incorporated into the Ribbon and will also feature a resizable UserForm and a few other new features. The updated version was not ready in time to be included on the CD-ROM.



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