How the Text Tools utility works

The Text Tools add-in contains some RibbonX code that creates a new item in the Ribbon: Home Utilities

Text Tools. Selecting this item executes the startTextTools procedure, which calls the showTextToolsDialog procedure. CROSS-REFERENCE

To find out why this utility requests both the StartTextTools procedure and the ShowTextToolsDialog procedure, see "Adding the RibbonX code ," later in this chapter.

The user can specify various text modifications and click the Apply button to perform them. The changes are visible in the worksheet, and the dialog box remains displayed. Each operation can be undone, or the user can perform additional text modifications. Clicking the Help button displays a help window, and clicking the Close button dismisses the dialog box. Note that this is a modeless dialog box. In other words, you can keep working in Excel while the dialog box is displayed. In that sense, it's similar to a toolbar.

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