Executing a procedure from the Macro dialog box

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Code Macros command displays the Macro dialog box, as shown in Figure 9-1. (You can also press Alt+F8 to access this dialog box.) Use the Macros In drop-down box to limit the scope of the macros displayed (for example, show only the macros in the active workbook).

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Figure 9-1: The Macro dialog box. The Macro dialog box does not display

■ Function procedures

■ Sub procedures declared with the Private keyword

■ Sub procedures that require one or more arguments

■ Sub procedures contained in add-ins

Tip Even though procedures stored in an add-in are not listed in the Macro dialog box, you still can execute such a procedure if you know the name. Simply type the procedure name in the Macro Name field in the Macro dialog box and then click Run.

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