Excel commands

Excel 2007 features a brand new "menu-less" user interface. In place of a menu system, Excel uses a context-sensitive Ribbon system. The words along the top (such as Insert, View, and so on) are known as tabs. Click a tab, and the Ribbon of icons displays the commands that are most suited to the task at hand. Each icon has a name that is (usually) displayed next to or below the icon. The icons are arranged in groups, and the group name appears below the icons.

The convention I use in this book is to indicate the tab name, followed by the group name, followed by the icon name. So, for example, the command used to toggle word wrap within a cell is indicated as:

Home Alignment Wrap Text

The large round icon in the upper left corner of Excel 2007's window is knows as the Office Button. When I refer to commands that use the Office Button, I abbreviate it as Office. For example, the following command displays the Excel Options dialog box:


Excel Options

0 0

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