Customizing the Ribbon

The new Ribbon UI in Excel 2007 is a dramatic shift in user interface design. Fortunately, the developer has a fair amount of control over the Ribbon. Unfortunately, modifying the Ribbon isn't a simple task.

CROSS- See Chapter 22 for information about working with the Ribbon.


Menu and Toolbar Compatibility

Excel 2007 still supports custom menus and toolbars, but the way these UI elements are handled may not be to your liking.

The following figure shows a custom menu and toolbar displayed in Excel 2003. The menu and toolbar were created using my Power Utility Pak add-in. Each menu item and toolbar button executes a macro.

Menu and Toolbar Compatibility

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As shQMn in the fallowing figu-nt, when the Pawqr Utility Fafc .« d^in is installed in Fx cell ¿'■JO/, thu tustoin nivnu dippwdrv in -d yruup IdiMtivd Atki-!n»< Mvikj JI>J

th* jitmvi IC'Olbar ri in * Ah* a J Add-lra Cus:om T»Jhbrii£th« Toolbars esnrtr b* moved &r fiiiz^J). "hise ftibfcon grc^&s e iphry ihe tr-trw addiiiamand ■.aelhfiri f-tr all ths W »tatk>ni gr acd-ini ;ha| ai-i "hfl inflnu ¡fern« *nd toolbar buttons s 1111 iundion, but lht dt-stgn*"1*! -engine! Ul coftcvptiQnh-ai ba#ri corn prom iw»d ciorat'tfiued

As shown in the following figure, when the Power Utility Pak add-in is installed in Excel 2007, the custom menu appears in a group labeled Add-lns Menu Commands, and the custom toolbar is in a group labeled Add-Ins Custom Toolbars (the toolbars cannot be moved or resized). These Ribbon groups display the menu additions and toolbars for all the applications or add-ins that are loaded. The menu items and toolbar buttons still function, but the designer's original UI conception has been compromised.

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