Creating a user Help system

With regard to user documentation, you basically have two options: paper-based documentation or electronic documentation. Providing electronic help is standard fare in Windows applications. Fortunately, your Excel applications can also provide help - even contextsensitive help. Developing help text takes quite a bit of additional effort, but for a large project, it may be worth it. Figure 6-6 shows an example of a custom Help system in compiled HTML format.

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Figure 6-6: An example of custom help file for an Excel add-in.

Another point to consider is support for your application. In other words, who gets the phone call if the user encounters a problem? If you aren't prepared to handle routine questions, you need to identify someone who is. In some cases, you want to arrange it so that only highly technical or bug-related issues escalate to the developer.

CROSS- In Chapter 24, I discuss several alternatives for providing help for your

REFERENCE applications.

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