Adding the buttons to the wizard User Form

Now add the buttons that control the progress of the wizard. These buttons are placed outside the MultiPage control because they are used while any of the pages are displayed. Most wizards have four buttons:

■ Cancel: Cancels the wizard and performs no action.

■ Back: Returns to the previous step. During Step 1 of the wizard, this button should be disabled.

■ Next: Advances to the next step. During the last wizard step, this button should be disabled.

■ Finish: Finishes the wizard.

Note In some cases, the user is allowed to click the Finish button at any time and accept the defaults for items that were skipped over. In other cases, the wizard requires a user response for some items. If this is the case, the Finish button is disabled until all required input is made. The example on the CD-ROM requires an entry in the TextBox in Step 1.

In the example, these CommandButtons are named CancelButton, BackButton, NextButton, and FinishButton.

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