Viewing the XML

To see what's inside an Excel document, you must change the extension to *.zip.

In the Downloads section for this book on the Apress web site, find the file Chapter 3\ NwindEmps.xlsx, rename it, and copy it to a folder on your PC called unzippedExcelfiles (you'll have to create the folder first). This file contains Northwind employee information that was typed or pasted in (not imported).

Even though we could open the files directly from the ZIP file, we will create a folder into which we'll extract the contents of the ZIP file. Be sure keep "Use folder names" checked in the options list. Figure 3-21 shows the Extract function in WinZip.

You can see the file structure associated with Office documents clearly once the files are extracted (see Figure 3-22). I've created a folder named unzippedExcelfiles to store them in.

Figure 3-21. Check "Use folder names" in the Extract dialog.
Figure 3-22. Excel's XML file structure

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